The nano technology breakthrough


All Bybee Wire products are designed to transfer signal and electrical current at the highest level of purity to your audio and video components. To achieve this we use revolutionary Carbon Nano Purification Technology created by Quantum Physicist Jack Bybee. It works on the sub-atomic level to clean up quantum mechanical noise which manifests as audible and visual distortion. When the electrons pass through our purifiers they are stripped of noise components no other technology can achieve.


To further insure that the signal is kept as pure as possible we use state-of-the art wire and connectors and advanced materials and construction techniques. Since all our speaker cables, interconnects and power cords and power conditioners use purification technology in their connstruction , the purification effect is dramaticaly enhanced as you add more Bybee Wire products to your system. The end result is an astonishing increase in audio transparency, dimensionality, and harmonic rightness and greater dynamics and visual acuity.