Imagine a company that is passionately dedicated to bringing together the most advanced audio products in the world for one purpose: the reproduction of music, pure and simple. We are Laufer Teknik and the US Distributor for Behold, Ascendo, Halcyonics,Podium, Music First, Volent, Signal Fidelity Research, Signal Fidelity Research, Laufer Teknik and Bybee Wire. LAUFER TEKNIK is dedicated to bringing products to market that fulfill the love of music. The multi-award winning manufacturers we represent, leveraging the latest technologies, each approach the reproduction of sound in unique, and revolutionary ways. We believe that once you listen to the products we carry, you too, will be convinced that TRUE LIVE™ sound is obtainable and can be experienced anytime, all the time.


Laufer Teknik maintains these brands on active display in its showrooms in New York and Connecticut. We are joined as well by many fine dealers around the country where you can audition these products. Additionaly, Laufer Teknik acts as a dealer for a variety of the finest audio brands available, including Rockport Technologies, Scaena, Transparent Audio, Purist Design, Bolzano Villetri, Ayon, Transrotorand Tact, which are also on active display in the showroom for customer audition.