Company Overview: Ascendo was founded in 1999 as Research and Development Cooperation which was strongly supported by the German Government (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). Ascendo has three major fields of working: Products, services, and Research and Development. Under these three fields, Ascendo offers:

  • Products:
    • Loudspeaker Systems
    • Digital Room-Acoustic Processors
    • Room-Acoustic elements
    • Software for Room-Acoustic analysing and measuring

  • Services:
    • Room-Acoustic: analysing, measuring, documentation
    • Planning and Projecting of Hearing-Rooms

  • Research and Development:
    • Measuring equipment
    • Room-Acoustics
    • Public Address Systems
    • Audio electronics

These three major fields of working of the Ascendo GmbH have common technological basics.



  • Winner of Best Sound of Show at High End 2007 München for their C8 Renaissance
  • Winner of Best Sound of Show at Stereophile Show, New York for their System M-S
  • System M Loudspeaker Absolute Sound 2006 Editors’ Choice Award
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From the President of Behold, Ralf Ballmann: "Creating behold, we believe that music is a cultural good which needs to be preserved and processed in the best possible way regardless of cost. Also we believe that based on existing offers the result of the reproduction in your home could be improved by new technologies and designs. We have a single-minded dedication to preserving the facts that make authentic music and their reproduction special. The basic idea is that behold components are built as “precision instruments” capable of extracting every nuance and shading embedded on data carrying medium, whether it’s Vinyl, CD, SACD or DVD. Creating behold, we combined the very latest available technology in parts and construction to a technological masterpiece. Our engineers work very closely together to achieve the goal to produce a “musical measurement instrument” in combination with creative designs. This is achieved through advanced electronic, industrial and mechanical engineering with the latest tools in CAD-design. The complete engineering, design and manufacturing is done in Germany. Consequently the quality we deliver is far more than what you will ever expect. Who is behold The Young Brand behold is the audiophile translation of the Know-How of the company Ballmann Electronica GmbH which produces the most complex high frequency network analyzers up to 6 GHz since 1985. The huge amount of accumulated knowledge how to handle the most critical and sensitive signals with ac- curacies not known in the audio industry up to now. The high frequency network analysis is the kings discipline in the measurement technique. We have the latest measurement technology in our company, not only at audio frequencies but also in ra- dio frequencies and DSP-technology, which enables us to have every single step of the developments fully under control. Ballmanns software engineers are able to program DSP ́s in Assembler, the one and only way with an absolute minimum in overhead. This is the reason why we can handle huge amounts of au- dio data very effectively to achieve a result far above commonly known products. All the behold products have our unique user inter- faces which enables customers to use an advanced system in a very easy way. All the behold products are upgradeable and easy to use. Software upgrades can be done via Internet free."



  • Amplifier was Winner of Home Entertainment 2007’s Best Sound at Show
  • Behold APU and BPA768 Winner of the Stereo Times 2006 Publisher’s choice
  • Gentle G192 Integrated Amp Winner of the Stereo Times 2007 Publisher’s choice
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Company Overview: History of Halcyonics – a story of success Halcyonics was officially founded in 1996. The early years of the company were used to build a global sales and support network and to provide our customers with competent technical advice. During those first years Halcyonics worked together with a Swiss technology and production partner who initially developed and manufactured the first compact active vibration isolation systems MOD-1 and MOD-2. To ensure the further growth of the company and provide engineering solutions to OEMs, Halcyonics decided to buy the technology know-how and transfer it to Goettingen/Germany. Halcyonics started its own production and assembly line in 2001. During the following years Halcyonics has strategically expanded its R&D activities and technically advanced the existing MOD technology. In 2004 Halcyonics set up a new active isolation technology called VarioControl. From that point on Halcyonics has been constantly growing and steadily expanding its product range. Today, Halcyonics offers the experience and support power of a manufacturing company with everything under the same roof. This is competence in active vibration isolation - Halcyonics now produces 8 different standard product lines listing more than 45 standard products. Furthermore, Halcyonics has a strong focus on customer specific OEM solutions to meet the requirements of many industrial applications. Considering both buisiness fields together, Halcyonics produces more than 75 different technology solutions based on active vibration isolation.


Mission: Halcyonics offers you solutions for active vibration isolations – at the cutting edge of technology. That’s why our equipment is as much in demand in science and research as it is in industry. Halcyonics systems are used in many fields of advanced micro- and nanotechnology, for instance, in biotechnology, material sciences, in the semiconductor field, LCD manufacture and many more areas. Founded mid of the 90's, Halcyonics has been constantly growing and steadily expanding its product offer ever since. As specialists in vibration isolation, our headquarters are based in Goettingen/Germany, with everything all under the same roof: research and development, manufacture, sales and distribution, consultation and service. One of our primary strengths is having the flexibility to focus on our customers’ specific needs, making it all happen exactly their way. That’s why we offer customer-specific products in addition to our well-structured offer of standard products. We develop, manufacture and deliver the active vibration isolation system that is the winning solution for each of our customers to ensure their success! Here as well, expertise, speed and flexibility are among our special strengths.



  • The Stereo Times 2005 Most Wanted Components for their MOD -1 Plus Active Isolation System



From Podium Sound: “The Founders of Podium Sound, Shelley Katz holds BMus and MMus in Piano Performance from the prestigious Julliard School, and a PhD in the research area of Cognition of Expression in Music from the University of Surrey. He also fulfills duties as one of two Musicians in Residence at the ISC - Queen’s University. The exacting sonic requirements for all Podium Sound loudspeakers derive from Shelley’s background as a world-class musician. The current Podium Sound loudspeakers are voiced for the reproduction of most music. They are equally comfortable with Jazz, Blues, Classical, Folk, World-Music, and most others. But we make no apologies for the simple fact that currently, they will not make lovers of Reggae and heavy rock music completely happy. Those individuals will simply have to wait for one of the products we've still got on the work-bench. However, rest assured, they're coming!"