The PMR (Passive Multi-Vocal Resonator)

The PMR is a high-resonating system that overlays the musical harmonics. 
This is achieved by:

  • a precisely tuned bronze alloy
  • the specific dimensions
  • the specific design with various angles
The PMR is not comparable to other resonators available on the market today. These other resonators produce even harmonics, but usually change the tone of the sound with "false" harmonics, e.g. a trumpet should sound like a trumpet, but with the wrong harmonics, it can sound like a completely different, or synthetic instrument. The PMR produces only  harmonics that are perceived by the human ear as pleasant and harmonious. The sounds of music are heard as natural. These "right" overtones are the result of decades of sound research. And by the way... bell bronze is the only material that can reproduce all overtones of the musical scale. This know-how is now being implemented  - world exclusive for the first time as a resonator in the PMR. 

Placement of the PMR:
The PMR can be placed almost anywhere in the listening room. A comprehensive installation manual is supplied with each PMR. A  telephone consultation is also included. 

The result: 
By overlaying the music with a full scale of multi-vocal overtones, more detailed sound is produced. The music gets more momentum and energy, the presentation of the instruments is more realistic, more solid and three-dimensional. The spatial imaging is increased in all directions. The result is again a natural and authentic sound experience with beautiful sounds. 


Does the PMR fit in my system? 
Yes! Since there are no hi-fi systems with perfect harmonics, the PMR will improve every hi-fi system!


Production Process:
The production processes of the PMR and a bell are very similar. Each PMR is custome-made and is produced exclusively by hand in the following steps:

  • Creation of a two-sand mold by means of a "primitive model"
  • Heating the bronze alloy to about 1200 C
  • Casting of liquid metal in the form
  • Controlled cooling off the casting for the production of a fine crystalline structure of metal
  • Manual post-processing and tuning of the cast PMR 

An individual, numbered certificate is included with each PMR. 

The PMR is exclusively manufactured in Germany. 

Dimensions: height 3.4 inch (8.6cm), diameter 14 inch (35.4cm) 
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.5kg) (total shipping weight 19 lbs.) 
Color: natural bronze


The PMR Premium

The latest development and further improvement of the original PMR is the PMR Premium. The difference to the PMR is that the production is even more complex. The improved bronze alloy and extremely long cool-off phases give the PMR Premium even better resonance properties. But the biggest difference is that the PMR Premium has now a thread in the bottom and is mounted on a bronze stand for vertical use that makes the PMR Premium even more effective and indispensable for music lovers who wanted to expierience their favorite music in a lifelike three dimensional way with realistic timbre and dynamics.





The PMR Initium

The brand new PMR Initium is an outstanding and reasonably priced product - your access to the world of the PMR room acoustic devices. The Initium is about half the size of the PMR Premium (7 inch in diameter).


You will notice a strong resonance with lots of details and spatial acoustics. The music appears to be more dynamic and full of energy. When it comes to individual instruments, they sound very realistic and seem to have a whole new presence.


With the help of the Initium, the music gains more space in every kind of way. To sum up: The Initiumcreates a very authentic and natural acoustic pattern with fascinating timbre. If you already have a large PMR in your listening room add one (or two) Initium for even better three-dimensionality.


An individual, numbered certificate is included with each PMR Initium. Exclusively manufactured in Germany.

  • Dimensions: height 7.5 inch (19cm), diameter 7 inch (18cm)
  • Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4kg) (total shipping weight 6 lbs.)
  • Color: natural bronze, polished


    HighEnd Novum Spikes

    The HighEnd Novum spikes - made from pure bell bronze, cast by hand, turned to it's correct size then tuned and polished - improve the sound of your speakers or subwoofer guaranteed!


    Your speakers will sound more open, cleaner, better separation, tighter and more precise in the bass. Much more musical overall.


    Dimensions: height 45mm, diameter 8mm (M8 thread) 
    Weight: 0.5oz. each 
    Color: natural bronze, polished