Music First Audio introduced the Passive Magnetic Preamplifier in 2003. In the five years since, our preamplifier has received across-the-board acclaim with outstanding reviews and awards from many well respected publications (please see our Reviews page for further details).


We now offer a new version of our preamplifier, complete with extra features, a larger case and subtle but audible improvements in the transformer itself.


Of course, we will still be offering our original and multiple award winning preamplifier which will now be re-named 'Classic' for those customers who do not need the extra features and facilities.


25% larger core The construction on the transformer in the MKII is identical to that of the classic Stevens & Billington Limited TX102 but we have used a larger core which increases both low frequency response and headroom.


Additional parallel outputs The MKII preamplifier features dual RCA (unbalanced) and dual XLR (balanced) outputs for bi-amplification.


Remote level control. The MKII features remote control of level (by using a stepper motor on the rear of the level switch, there are no additional components in the signal path).


Larger case The MKII preamplifier comes in a full width case to accommodate the extra outputs and remote control motor assembly. We've also made some improvements to the case manufacture to improve the overall look and feel of our preamplifier.


As with our original preamplifier, the MKII is available with either copper or silver wound transformers. Please note, as with our original preamplifier the copper wound preamplifier uses 0.6mm silver coated PTFE insulated copper wire for all internal wiring and the silver wound version uses 99.9999% pure silver wire throughout.


This unit sits between source devices (CD player, turntable etc.) and power amplifiers acting as a passive pre-amp.