The New Spiritual Audio VX-12 

List Price $10,000.00


The VX-12 is for the extremist who demands the best sounding ac conditioner in the world.This high current 2500 watts/20- ampere device provides excellent performance, boasting 560 joules/30,000 amperes surge capacity with level two power factor correction. Input power is 125 VAC 50/60 HZ. Two 10 amp fuses 250 VAC. Power consumption is 3 watts @ 125 VAC. Red LED fuse open circuit. Blue LED power on the unit. Compare the VX-12 to any ac power conditioner on the market. The VX-12 uses state of the art passive filtering technology that eliminates the use of coils and transformers. There is no current limiting or transient delay. No sonic coloration or loss of high frequencies. The VX-12 produces a huge 3-dimensional soundstage with thunderous tight bass and an extremely transparent open midrange. The top end is very detailed with tons of air around the vocals and instruments. The VX-12 transforms listening to music into a more defined and genuine experience, giving it an unparalleled organic sound. The noise-floor is so low it is almost scary, due to our noise suppression/filtering system. Even the grounding system uses this filtering technique to prevent leakage.


This is the kind of conditioner that will keep you up all night listening to music.We use isolated filtering for analog and digital components. Also the VX-12 comes with the new Spiritual Audio Black Widow Power Cord. This incredible combination leads to symmetry and coherence within any system. Other power cords will work as well. The VX-12's home theater performance cannot be outmatched nor outperformed! The video contrast and resolution performance is absolutely stunning! All of the macro and micro dynamics exist within a rich, dynamic, tonal balance. When you insert this paradigm-shifting unit into your system, we promise you will never take it out and go back to your previous power conditioners, regardless of price. The VX-12 is the only conditioner that will allow you that "out of body" late night listening experience. Feel free to compare the VX-12 with any power conditioner in the world. Many believe that your speakers are the weakest link in your audio system.

We believe everything begins at the wall and state of the art power conditioning. 


Digital Source Tuning is also included with the VX-12.The warm sounding digital-1 outlet is next to the two fuses and has two sockets. The sharp sounding digital-2 outlet, also has two sokets. We use the new top of the line Furutech Rhodium and Gold GTX-D Receptacles. The GTX-D are some the best sounding receptacles made in the world. Also included as a bonus, are the new Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses. 


The VX-12 power conditioner was spiritually inspired and is named after the 12 inputs on back of the unit. All Spiritual Audio products are serviced and upgraded by government certified technicians. We do not cover damage to any product plugged into our equipment caused by exceeding the 2500-watts/20-amps power rating.


Made in the USA

Dimensions of the VX-12: 19 x 9.25 x 5.3 in. and is approx. 20 lbs.

A 3 year warranty is also included with purchase.