Black Out Series

Black Out is our new addition to EMI and RF reduction, this product simply gobbles up EMI and RF like nothing we have ever tried before. Black Out is a proprietary blend of 3 compounds that excel at removing noise, and is very expensive to produce. It costs $240.00 per 8 oz., which dosen't go to far and is a little expensive to the end user but oh so worth it. We have several products to address different areas of your system and the more you use them the quieter your system will become -- the changes are not subtle.

Black Out small and large boxes can be used to set on top of equipment, transformers, etc.


Black Out Tubes:
Black Out for Tubes were designed to set around tubes to remove ambient noise as well as tube emissions.

Black Out Wraps:
Black Out Wraps are designed to wrap around the ends of cables, power cords, video cords, etc.

Black Out Paint:
Black Out Anti Vibration and Noise Control Paint can be applied to circuit boards and their components. In fact, use your imagination to find many other uses as well!

Black Out Duplex's:
Starting with a premium Leviton duplex, we first cryo treat then nano stream treat... but we don't stop there! We disassemble the duplex and apply a vibration control and black out paint to all contacts inside the duplex and surrounding walls to create the ultimate quiet duplex. The hot and negative contacts are all copper.