PRODUCTS : ELECTRONICS : RCS 2.0 / RCS 2.0 S (2-Channel Preamplifier)

General Information


The Tact 2.2X Room Correction Preamplifier has been designed in every aspect to be a no-compromise audiophile product. It has features and sound quality never before realized. The vast superiority of the Tact listening experience will be immediately apparent. It will give you a sound that is so much closer to reality that it can be difficult to grasp. If you are upgrading from earlier Tact Room Correction Systems you will appreciate the further refinement to the sound if used for 2 channels only and vastly better sound if you take advantage of the control of separate subwoofers.

The most outstanding feature is the Room Correction System (RCS).

The 2.2X is not only a preamplifier. It is also a sophisticated measurement and correction system that will give you unheard-of control of the sound of your speaker/room combination.

The 2.2X is equipped to generate separate outputs for 1 or 2 subwoofers. The room correction system generates very precise crossovers based on separate measurements of main speakers and subwoofers. The filters will add up both in the time domain and in the frequency domain. Levels will automatically be adjusted and also the appropriate delay to correct for speaker displacement. Follow TacT's advice regarding placement of subwoofers and you will experience a new level of dynamic accuracy and coherence. If you do not use the separate subwoofer outputs, then all of the processing power of the 2.2X will be used for the main channels.


When 2.2X is used in connection with Tact true digital amplifiers it can control the volume level in the power amplifier via the RS 232 cable. When the volume control of the 2.2X is used, the actual level in the 2.2X stays at maximum while control signals are sent to the power amplifier to reduce the voltage level. In this way, the system maintains full 24-Bit resolution and very high signal-to-noise even at very low listening levels. In effect, the Tact combination is the first system that maintains exactly the same resolution at maximum output and at normal listening levels.


The AD and DA converters are highest performance 192 kHz/24-bit designs with very low distortion and noise. The associated analog circuitry has been designed with the greatest care resulting in a signal to noise ratio very near the theoretical limits with extremely low distortion. When used with digital input and digital output, distortion and noise are imperceptible.


Lower sampling rate formats such as CD and DAT are upsampled with the highest quality sample rate converter at the input so that DA conversion can take place at 192 kHz. Sample rate converters are also used for the digital outputs giving extreme jitter attenuation. Sample rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz for the output can be user selected.


The main power supply is a switch-mode design. Separate secondary power supplies for analog and digital in combination with totally separate ground planes result in very high performance with regards to crosstalk of any kind. All audio signals have been separated from the mains voltage by no less than 3 stages of power supply filtering.


The entire chassis is CNC-machined from aluminum to reduce magnetic interference.