PRODUCTS : ELECTRONICS : RCS 2.2 X (2.2-Channel Preamplifier)

General Information


RCS 2.0S is the latest TacT stereo Room Correction/Preamp System. It combines the latest in digital signal processing technology with the state of the art ADC and DAC design.


The new RCS 2.0S is an advanced version of the world known RCS 2.0.


The improvements brought in
with the S version are:

The 2.0S brings the processing power of the 2.2X to the RCS 2.0


Digital outputs are user programmable to output at sampling frequencies up to 192kHz

Digital inputs accept signals up to 24bit 192 kHz


ParaEQ is now included as a standard feature


A/D and D/A converters have been upgraded to the specifications of the converters found in the RCS 2.2X