The floor standing speaker C7 implements the advantages of a point-source radiator with Ascendo's high performance SASB bass technology. As a result of this union, the C7 demonstrates a perfect impulse response, allowing it to have holographic imaging combined with extreme low bass reproduction. Its wideband yet linear frequency response and inherent smoothness leave other speaker systems far behind. Not only does the C7 reproduce the acoustic imaging of recordings perfectly, it has the additional advantage of using a back firing TOS Unit for adjustment to the varying decay times of different listening rooms. The TOS Unit allows for the optimization of the C7 to correct for spectral inhomogeneous decay times of the actual set up; another reason why the C7 performs far beyond other speaker systems.


Typical applications

  • Two channel stereo (CD/Vinyl)
  • Multi channel audio (SACD/DVD-A)
  • Home Cinema (DVD-V)
Technical features
  • Perfect point-source radiator
  • Ideal semi-spherical dispersion
  • Superior time coherence
  • SASB Technology
    • Extremely deep and fast bass with high dynamic headroom
  • Switch able TOS unit
    • Adjustment for spectral inhomogeneous decay times
  • Very high grade chassis and filter parts