Modular Design:


High-frequency-module, Low-frequency-module, Stand
  • Time Alignment for the listener's position
  • Mechanical and electrical decoupling of tweeter and woofer
  • Mechanical decoupling between system and ground
High-Freqency unit with ribbon-tweeter
  • perfect impulse response and extended dynamic range
  • wide directivity
  • impedance adjustable for damping factor of power amp
Low-frequency unit: dynamic-current-damped woofer and semisymmetrical Bandpass (S.A.S.B.-Unit)
  • fast and synchronous rising edge of signale
  • resonance-free and homogeous spectral decay
  • very precise and fast reproduction of low-spectral signals
Selective corssover-network design
  • linear-phasel 18dB design plus constant-voltage-kernel
  • impedance adjustable for damping factor of power amp
  • tri-wiring and tri -amping possibilities
Use of selected high-grade parts and loudspeakers
  • best impulse response and phase
  • no degradation of damping and performance of used power amps and electonics