Podium 2's are 1.37 meters in height, with a lacquered black frame so glossy that it allows one to see one’s own reflection. Podium loudspeaker frames are carefully designed to provide the best sonic performance in their handling and distribution of inner vibrations. The absence of cloth is the next part of the innovative design. What you see on the photograph is in fact a brushed copper coating. Brushed aluminium coating is also available with special orders.


Using transverse waves induced by a tapered line-array to propagate sound through a patent pending floating panel, all of which is designed and built in Cambridge UK.


Our designs have no ribbons (even though we love ribbons), no electrostatic devices (even though we love those too), no cone drivers, no sub woofers and no crossover.


The Podium 2 has all the positive attributes of the classic loudspeaker designs we grew up

with; the ones we all know, love and respect. But we also achieve something extra-difficult to define in words. Visceral credibility. Via a Podium design, organ notes thunder, and rim-shots in smoky jazz clubs crack with lightning fast transients – and that’s just the beginning. It’s the same excitement that comes from music heard played live. Uniquely, this is achievable at any volume level and any listening position in any room. The traditional ‘sweet-spot’ and specific volume requirement described as ‘realistic’ by some and ‘rather too loud’ by others are both startlingly absent.


You’ll know if our sound is the sound for you within seconds. That’s all it takes.


Finally, you’ll be surprised to learn that our patent pending loudspeakers are modestly priced and can be driven by relatively low-powered integrated amplifiers, both valve and solid-state!