The Podium .5 is effectively a smaller version of the Podium 1. Although smaller in size, do not think that .5 gives you a big drop in performance because this is just not the case.


In fact for those with a smaller room, you really will sacrifice very little over the performance of the larger Podium 1's.


Podium .5, like the 1, reproduces the smallest of details beautifully and paints them in a vast three dimensional soundstage that fills the room with ease. Speed, dynamics, tonality - all are reproduced with true aplomb.


Podium loudspeakers are quite literally a world first: an efficient full-range panel loudspeaker system.


Using transverse waves induced by a tapered line-array to propagate sound through a patent pending floating panel, all of which is designed and built in Cambridge UK.

Our designs have no ribbons (even though we love ribbons), no electrostatic devices (even though we love those too), no cone drivers, no sub woofers and no crossover.


You’ll know if our sound is the sound for you within seconds. That’s all it takes.


Finally, you’ll be surprised to learn that our patent pending loudspeakers are modestly priced and can be driven by relatively low-powered integrated amplifiers, both valve and solid-state!