Loudspeaker Model: H2W12

Description: 2-Way system with bass reflex woofer and horn-loaded mid and high frequency driver.

Frequency Response: 25 to 20,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 93 dB

Power Handling: 400 w program

Impedance: 8 ohm

Mid & High Freq. Horn: 10.5” (26.7 cm) and weighing 22 lbs (10 Kg). Original design with innovative material

Mid & High Freq. Driver: Compression driver with 3” voice coil, 76.2 mm special aluminum alloy diaphragm, 2” exit.

Woofer: 12” bass reflex design. 4” voice coil, 400 watts power handling capability.

Crossover: Special design using the best commercially available components known for their fast speed and long term reliability. Unique design to balance the speed among drivers. Fully shielded and grounded.

Adjustments: Mid/High Frequency: 2 dB levels in 5 steps.

Internal Wiring: Patent pending Time-Accurate cable design. Fully shielded and grounded.

Binding Posts: 5 total including one for grounding. Bi-wire and bi-amp connections possible. Unique design using the posts as clips only and not for conducting. Conductors are brought to the outside for direct contact with speaker wire terminals. Binding posts are extra large, widely spaced for ease of connecting; and gold plated for beauty and durability.

Cabinet: Highest quality MDF with thickness ranging from 1” to 3”.

Finish: Black piano finish on all six sides. Wood veneer options available.

Dimensions: Overall 63” H x 13.9” W x 15.75” D. (160 cm H x 35.2 cm W x 40 cm D)

Weight: Approx. 200 lbs (91 Kg).

Remarks: This loudspeaker design is based on the same Time-Accurate cable design principle. Only the fastest, most accurate and technically advanced drivers of the highest quality are chosen. This is the largest of our 2-way loudspeakers. And with a high sensitivity of 93 dB, this loudspeaker can deliver truly deep bass and dynamics with much ease at all realistic listening levels. It can reproduce any recorded material with utmost accuracy and realism.

List Price: US$16,800 a pair.

Made in U.S.A.