Subwoofer Model: SW18

Description: Passive subwoofer with bass reflex loading.

Frequency Response: 15 to 800 Hz

Sensitivity: 94 dB

Power Handling: 800 w RMS

Impedance: 8 ohm

Woofer: 18” bass reflect design. 4” voice coil. Twin coupled magnets. 2” controlled peak-to-peak

Internal Wiring: Patent pending Time-Accurate cable design. Fully shielded and grounded.

Binding Posts: 3 total including one for grounding. Unique design using the posts as clips only and not for conducting. Conductors are brought to the outside for direct contact with speaker wire terminals. Binding posts are extra large, widely spaced for ease of connecting; and gold plated for beauty and durability.

Cabinet: Highest quality MDF with thickness ranging from 1” to 2”.

Finish: Black piano finish on all six sides.

Dimensions: 21.5” H x 36.5” W x 29” D. (55 cm H x 93 cm W x 74 cm D)

Weight: Approx. 220 lbs (100 Kg).

Placement: Can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Remarks: This subwoofer is designed to reproduce low and subsonic frequencies at very high sound pressure levels with extremely fast speed that is capable of complimenting the speed of the drivers of the main loudspeakers.

List Price: US$8,000 each.

Made in U.S.A.