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CT-1 Enhanced Speaker Cable


A speaker cable must be able to react to electrical signal changes, for voltage as well as current. Normal speaker cables focus on large size gauges to help high-current capacity and reduce impedance. But what good is a high-current capacity speaker cable if it can't react fast enough to the signal?

Our Magnetic Conduction technology reacts extremely fast to both voltage and current, so your speaker recieves more accurately what your amplifier outputs. The result is significantly improved audio system performance.

The CT-1E Speaker Cable is now available in both Banana and Spade configurations, and we also provide a Bi-Wire version for the loudspeaker end.


$4200 for 1 meter
(each additional 0.5 m is $700)



  • The CT-1E has all the features of the normal CT-1 along with the following:

    A new conductor alloy is used in the enhanced version which has a greatly increased ferromagnetic permeability for increased levels of Magnetic Conduction and peformance.

    The conductor is treated with a proprietary material that lowers dielectric absorption so signals are not held back by the change in electrical charge of the teflon dielectric.

    Precision 24K gold plate is applied at 300 microns which is double the industries thickest plating standard.

    Each leg of the CT-1E speaker cable comes with an inline wave stablizer that is similar to those found on the Ultimate version of the line level cables.