CT-1 Speaker Cable


A speaker cable must be able to react to electrical signal changes, for voltage as well as current. Normal speaker cables focus on large size gauges to help high-current capacity and reduce impedance. But what good is a high-current capacity speaker cable if it can't react fast enough to the signal?

Our Magnetic Conduction technology reacts extremely fast to both voltage and current, so your speaker recieves more accurately what your amplifier outputs. The result is significantly improved audio system performance.

The CT-1 Speaker Cable is now available in both Banana and Spade configurations, and we also provide a Bi-Wire version for the loudspeaker end.


$2400 for 1 meter
(each additional 0.5 m is $400)



  • Magnetic Conduction is a patented method of signal transfer for electrical energy. It uses a controlled magnetic field as the pathway for the signal. Testing at the University of Toronto show dramatically reduced distortion and increased signal to noise ratio compared to typical cables. The conductor is a unique and proprietary alloy specifically designed to work with this technology.



  • Skin effect in a cable is created by opposing magnetic forces which cause the signal to push to the extreme outer edges of the conductor. Our magnetic wave guide technology creates a tunnelling effect focusing the magnetic force into the middle of the conductor. This eliminates the cause of skin effect and preserves the time and phase aspect of the original signal.



  • Micro vibrations are introduced into an audio system by a multitude of sources and will follow the signal path looking to dissipate to a larger mass or point of stress. Each of our cables feature extensive mechanical vibration decoupling. Multiple conductive plates made with a specialized powdered material are used to dampen the vibration transfer within the connector itself.



  • High Fidelity Cables uses a dual shielded coaxial design that has extremely high rejection capability. This coaxial design is combined with Magnetic Conduction's patented ability to control unwanted electro magentic interference. This particular geometry gives all our cables a class leading ability to filter out unwanted radio waves (RFI) and stray magnetic fields (EMI).



  • Quiet passages of music and subtle audio details are represented by lower power electrical signals. In conventional cables these micro signals are easily prone to loss and distortion because they lack enough current to move through the conductor. Lab testing has shown Magnetic Conduction technology to preserve and keep these micro signals intact, resulting in large performance gains for audio system reproduction.