20th Anniversary Purist Cables


The Aqueous line of Anniversary Cables is a commemoration of the original Aqueous line of cables. The name Aqueous is where the similarity ends between the two cables! The 20th Anniversary Aqueous was designed completely from the ground up. Our goal with this line of cables is an extremely high performance to cost ratio product. We desired to make it available to as many audiophiles as possible. The Aqueous easily competes with cables costing $3000.00 to $5000.00!


The Aqueous uses the CONTEGO shielding that combines the best attributes of the fluid shielding and the Ferox shielding. The Aqueous preserves all of Purist Audio Design’s past virtues while pushing forward into new sonic territory. The cables deliver balance on an unparalleled level! The airiness, richness and transparency all are in complete harmony. The Aqueous cable brings out detail in each musical piece that is unmatched by any other cable in its price range (and a few above)! The Aqueous Anniversary Line of cables must be experienced; don’t just take our word for it!


The Aqueous Anniversary line is available in single-ended and balanced interconnects, speaker and bi-wire, digital, and power cord.