The Ferox-shielded Venustas cable offers all the advantages of Purist Audio Design’s latest breakthroughs in metallurgy. Even more advanced than the Musaeus, the Venustas is still an economical way to benefit from Purist laboratories’ on going discoveries in the science of sound. With this cable, musical details jump out of a black background with more vividness and clarity. The music lover enjoys the opportunity to stop listening to the electronics and instead luxuriate in the beauty of the music itself.

Venustas interconnects are available in all configurations: RCA-RCA, XLR-XLR, even RCA-XLR.


Purist Audio Design also offers a full line of Venustas speaker cables in configurations that include a true bi-wire and vertical bi-wire (incorporating double the conductors of a standard speaker cable) and a tri-wire (incorporating triple the conductors of a standard speaker cable). All are available in a complete variety of terminations that include 1/4” and 8mm spades, banana, pin, and Speakon.


There are Venustas cables available for your AC power needs as well. We currently offer our Venustas AC power, which does not contain Ferox.