20th Anniversary Purist Cables


The Purist line of Anniversary Cables is the pinnacle of cable technology. Designed to be the new “Gold Standard” for audio cables, the ground-breaking Purist will surpass even the legendary Dominus! Purist Audio Design spared no expense in designing and crafting these cables. The Purist line will bring out the full potential of any high resolution audio system.


The Purist cables use the CONTEGO shielding that combines the best attributes of the fluid shielding and the Ferox shielding. The cables are the cutting edge of what Purist Audio Design does; music through the science of sound. The best way to describe the Purist’s sonic abilities is; it does it all! The cables, with a high resolution audio system, are able to recreate the music, not just reproduce it. Every part of the musical piece is heard, and it is all done in exact proportion. The Purist cables will deliver the most astounding musical experience!


The Purist Anniversary line is available in single-ended and balanced interconnects, speaker and bi-wire, and now, the ultimate power cord! The 20th Anniversary Purist cables are packaged in a handsome soft case.