Introduced in 2002, the Musaeus is one of two revolutionary new cables in which Purist Audio Design’s trademark fluid shield is replaced by an even more advanced shielding material that we call Ferox. This RF conductive compound, with a consistency much like sand, lowers the noise floor more than any other Purist technology. The affordable Musaeus opens the door to an entirely new range of music dynamics and a singular experience with sound.

Musaeus interconnects are available in all configurations: RCA-RCA, XLR-XLR, even RCA-XLR. Purist Audio Design also offers a full line of speaker cables in configurations that include a true bi-wire and a vertical bi-wire (incorporating double the conductors of a standard speaker cable) and a tri-wire (incorporating triple the conductors of a standard speaker cable). All are available in a complete variety of terminations that include 1/4” and 8mm spades, banana, pin, and Speakon.