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1000 Series


Best-Value Reference Cables While the 600 Series reference cables are for the budget conscious, the 1000 Series reference cables are for the value minded.We design the 1000 Series cables to be capable of delivering more than 70% of the performance of our top-of-the-line Supreme cables. Yet the 1000 Series cables are only marketed at a fraction of the price of our Supreme cables.


Best Performance at Shows We were so confident about the capabilities of our 1000 Series cables that we used them exclusively for our Home Theater and two Stereo Music demos at CES 2006. The level of excellence exhibited was pushed up so high above existing standards, there was no need to bring out the Supremes!


A Definite “Best Buy”! Undeniably, our 1000 Series cables have the best performance per dollar value of all cables in the world. Therefore, in terms of performance value, our 1000 Series reference cables are definitely a “best buy”!



  • More elaborate conductor-core design (patent pending) that is very close to the sophistication of our Supreme cables.
  • Multi-layered shielding system effectively stops EMI and RFI from entering the signal pathway.
  • Unique external ground wire (except Power Cables, which are grounded through the connector’s ground pin) to drain away external interferences at the first instance.
  • Special plugs and connectors selected for their exceptional performance in audio and video applications.
  • Pearlescent White Teflon sleeves standard. Conductive Black sleeve available as option.
  • Handcrafted in U.S.A.


  • August 2007 – “Musical Honesty – The Best Policy” by Greg Petan, Managing Editor for The Stereo Times.
  • September 2005 – “Orinda Acoustics 1000 Series Cables” by Arnis Balgalvis, Executive Editor of The Audiophile Voice.


  • 2007 Editor’s Choice Award presented by The Stereo Times.
  • 2005 Most Wanted Component Award presented by The Stereo Times.
  • Audiophilia Best – Best Sound of CES 2006.