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"The Box"


Giant Supreme Extension Cord! In essence, “The Box” is a giant extension cord with the equivalent of 50 feet of our Supreme Power Cable using our time-accurate cable technology.


No Electronics Or Circuitries Unbelievable as it may seem: there are no electronics or active circuitries of any kind, either in series or in parallel, inside “The Box”.


How Does It Work? “The Box” works like our Power Cables in two unique ways:

  1. To supply unrestricted and instantaneous current.
  2. To attenuate electrical noises.

Constantly Changing Current Demand Audio and video signals are almost never constant but change rapidly and continuously, with respect to time. Most A/V equipment will draw varying amounts of electricity in accordance to the workload required at different moments, all in accordance with the program materials.


Less Inductance, Faster Transit Response By practically eliminating inductance, our patent pending technology empowers “The Box” with extremely fast transit response, thus freeing it to operate with an almost superconductor-like pathway for electricity.


Noise-Attenuating Capability
By virtue of our patent pending design with its revolutionary conductor configuration, “The Box” has inherent noise-attenuating capability, which improves in direct proportion to the length of our unique conductorcore used.


What Are The Results? For audio equipment, the improvements are more coherent imaging, more vivid 3-D soundstage, cleaner sound, and more natural ambience. Power amplifiers would work with much ease as if they have become more powerful. For video equipment, especially with projectors, the images would become brighter; have better contrast, color balance and saturation, fewer artifacts, and improved resolution.



  • Unique combination of MDF and metal chassis for the best overall acoustic properties.
  • Proprietary damping of conductor-core for optimal control of vibration and resonance.
  • Shielding provided by unique combination of copper and aluminum chassis.
  • Special grounding post for star grounding of the entire A/V system to minimize noise level and prevention of ground loop.
  • Pure brass connectors selected for best audio and video performance over gold or rhodium plated ones.
  • Totally passive. Does not consume electricity. No active parts to repair.
  • A set of three softwood support pegs provided for superior acoustical properties. Ebony pegs available at additional cost.
  • Dimensions: 19” W x 13” D x 6” H (48.3 x 33 x 15.2 cm)
  • Net weight: Approx. 60 lbs (27.3 Kg).



  • One 110v, 20-amp Hubble IEC inlet.
  • Four individual 110v, 15-amp Hubble receptacles.
  • Rated for 15-amp continuous draw.


  • 2006 Publisher’s Choice Award presented by The Stereo Times.