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Supreme Series


Best Reference Cables In The World! Supreme. State of the art. Best of the best. Crème de la crème. These are our top-of-the line cables. They represent the culmination of everything we know about designing and making cables. Only the best materials are used with meticulous attention to details. Nothing is held back. The result is the absolute best cables money can buy.


Totally “Invisible”! What are the “sonic attributes” of our Supreme cables? Well, there are none! In fact, if you regard other reference cable designs to be “neutral” or “transparent”, then by comparison, our Supreme cables would be totally “invisible”!


Supreme! What more can we say? How can mere words describe a viewing and listening experience so profound and enlightening? How can a person imagine the unbelievable level of realism and accuracy when he or she has never experienced it before? You simply can’t. You’ll have to experience it firsthand to fully appreciate it. The Supreme Series reference cables are for people who insist on having the best, and only the best. The name says it all. Supreme. There is no competition, at any price. Period!



  • Most elaborate and sophisticated application of our patent pending conductor-core design. The best that we know how.
  • Multi-layered shielding system effectively stops EMI and RFI from entering the signal pathway.
  • Unique external ground wire (except Power Cables, which are grounded through the connector’s ground pin) to drain away external interferences at the first instance.
  • Special plugs and connectors selected for their exceptional performance in audio and video applications.
  • Choice of Pearlescent White Teflon or Conductive Black sleeve.
  • Handcrafted in U.S.A.


  • March 2006 – “Orinda Acoustics Supreme Digital Cable, Speaker Wire and The Box” by Clement Perry, Publisher of The Stereo Times.


  • 2007 Editor’s Choice Award presented by The Stereo Times.
  • 2006 Publisher’s Choice Award presented by The Stereo Times.