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600 Series


Least Expensive Reference Cables Although it is our least expensive reference cables, our 600 Series will out-perform all other designs of reference cables on the market, regardless of price!


Out-Performs All Other Cable Designs Really? Yes, really! The reason is very simple. No other cable designs could effectively eliminate inductance like our patent pending technology. And if you could not drastically reduce inductance in a cable, you cannot transmit audio or video signals accurately.


Top Quality Production: Even though our 600 Series cables are value-priced, they are not cheap production models. In fact, since June 2005, all our 600 Series cables have been substantially upgraded with the following features.



  • Patent pending conductor-core design assures timeaccuracy.
  • Multi-layered shielding system effectively stops EMI and RFI from entering the signal pathway.
  • Unique external ground wire (except Power Cables, which are grounded through the connector’s ground pin) to drain away external interferences at the first instance.
  • Special plugs and connectors selected for their exceptional performance in audio and video applications.
  • Pearlescent White Teflon sleeves standard. Conductive Black sleeve available as option.
  • Handcrafted in U.S.A.


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  • 2007 Most Wanted Component Award presented by The Stereo Times.