The PQS-Sub passive subwoofer produces fast, clean and well-extended bass and is intended to be used in conjunction with our PQS-100 loudspeaker. Together, they form a compact high performance system that is ideal for use in high-end stereo systems in smaller rooms, as well as in home theatre 5.1 surround systems.


Despite its compact size, this system is capable of driving even quite large rooms to high levels, whilst preserving the characteristic German Physiks open and relaxed sound. This combination is also well suited for use in galleries, shops and other public places where very high quality sound is required and the sound source must be unobtrusive.

The PQS-Sub uses a 6-inch woofer in a ported enclosure.

Easy Location

The PQS-Sub can be quickly and easily attached to the wall with a single screw fitted mount. It can be mounted on its own, or together with the PQS-100 using the optional wall mounting plate.

This forms a very compact system with a combined frequency range of 45Hz to 24,000Hz. The PQS-Sub can also be used freestanding on the floor. Due to its relatively compact dimensions, it can also be sited on any other convenient flat surface such as a tabletop, or shelf.

Low Cabinet Colouration

The rounded shape of the PQS-Sub’s cabinet has been carefully chosen to minimise resonances. It is machined from heavy MDF panels, which are inherently very stiff and non-resonant. Further damping is provided by the use of Hawaphon, which is applied to the inside surfaces of the cabinet. This is a polymer sheet containing a matrix of small cells filled with very fine steel shot and was originally developed as an anti-surveillance measure for use in military and government buildings. It adds mass to the cabinet to further reduce the resonant frequency and the ability of the shot in the cells to move against each other provides a very effective way of converting vibration energy into heat. Hawaphon achieves a broadband attenuation of structure-borne sound of more than 50dB: a remarkably high figure. Additional damping is provided by the application of bitumen damping sheets and unwanted air resonances are prevented by the use of high density felt sheet.

Attractively Finished Cabinets

The PQS-Sub is attractively finished in a two tone black and grey Nextel colour scheme that will look at home in almost any surroundings. The durability of the Nextel finish allows the PQS-Sub to withstand minor bumps. This is especially useful when the unit is located on the floor.

The PQS-Sub Specifications


5.6 ohms at 45Hz

Frequency response

45Hz - 120Hz
Power handling:
Short term
250W peak
Amplification required
Minimum 70W/4 ohms
Crossover slope
12dB/octave electronic & 18dB/octave acoustic
86dB for 1W at 1m
Operating principle

Passive subwoofer using a ported enclosure

Input connectors
1 set of 4mm sockets
1 x 6-inch woofer
Wall mounting plate (sold separately)

267mm W x 275mm H x 312mm D
10.5" W x 10.8" H x 12.3" D



5 years