Modular Concept


Unlike many other high end audio systems of the higher price range behold has a modular concept as its basis.


Individual Requests


The modularity enables the user to build "his" device according to his ideas and wishes individually. Modifications are also possible.


Plugable APU-Modules


The basic device offers space for 14 plug-in modules. They can be the sane or different modules depending on the wishes of the user.


Parallel Bus-System


The connection of the modules is realized via a parallel bus system. The sequence of the modules is completely variable.


Two Digital Channels


The bus system contains two digital control signals and two digital high speed audio channels which can be used independently from each other.


The "Control" is made by a control unit available in each device together with the LCD display and the bit generators giving the command .


A USB 1.1 interface is always installed as an integral part of the control unit.


The behold APU768 pre-amp is used with an external power supply.


We use an external power supply for a good reason. According to our ideas mains frequency and higher voltage should not be included in a pre-amp of highest quality. In addition , a power supply requires space which should be better available for meaningful additions.


The complete space may not be needed for all customers to install expansions. There should, however, be free space right from the beginning and no restrictions.