The CD-Player at behold has no operating devices and and is completely controlled from the APU768. This concept is the logical consequence if the complete audio system shall be conducted by a central "coordinating point". The annoying second remote control is therefore dropped.


The Mass Disk Drive among the CD-Players can be found at behold, because this player owns a case nobody has bulid ever before. The corpus consists of a solid aluminum block, one piece. Merely the faceplate and sides are mechanically separate.


The Disk Drive Itself  is mounted on two short massive aluminum profiles as they are known from the other behold components. It the most robust CD-Players case construction results.


The Operation is comfortably carried out via the Bluetooth remote control and because it’s bi-directional it’s showing the current operating state of the disk drive. Not only the number of existing titles is shown and which one is actually played without having to search for the mostly far away display of the CD-Player. But one can jump also arbitrarily and doesn't have "to work" his way forward for the desired title only sequentially.


The Simple Operation without remote control happens by tapping the drawer to open, then inserting a CD or even leave it. The closing is achieved by pushing the drawer to close, as one is used to it at PC disk drives. After the CD-Player has "taken" the CD it starts immediately to play to the end of the CD or until one interferes with the remote control or the drawer is tapped again.


The LED Lights framing the drawer can be dimmed for sure by the APU768 preamp.


Visually pleasant is the CD-Player can be put directly under the APU768. However, it can be placed one level lower in a corresponding audio rack for itself.


The Connection is managed by one single cable to the APU768 preamp. This leads bidirectionally the controll data, the audio data and the voltage feed of the CD-Player. A power supply unit is therefore dropped in the CD-Player and thus all disturbing mains power supply influences.