7 inch colored TFT display with touch screen


The Integrated Amplifier Gentle G192 comes with a big full coloured widescreen TFT-Display (800x480). The control of the device is realised by a touch panel placed in front of the display. For sure a big knob for setting the volume is as well present as it is with the classic APU768 pre-amplifier.


Ample power provided by 4 amplifiers (480W)


Two analog power amplifiers (2x 80W @ 4) and two switched power amplifiers (2x 160W @ 4Ω) supply all necessary final stages to run bi-amping while having a pure stereo setup. The one who wants to use multi-channel has already four of six power stages within the Gentle G192 unit.


8 analog and 6 digital inputs, free in configuration


There are up to 8 analog and 6 digital inputs available to run several stereo channels or one multi-channel 5.1. All their configurations are user selectable as it is with the APU768 pre-amplifier. Four of the digital inputs are Toslink format up to 192kHz data rates, the remaining two electrical inputs (Cinch) accept also up to 192kHz input rates, step less.


FireWire 6-channel in- & outputs


Besides all this a FireWire connection (IEEE 1394) is available for use with stereo as well as multi channel. It can be used single ended or in daisy chain applications. This enables recording and playback from a PC in Stereo and multi channel at data rates of 192kHz.


Aktive digital crossover with phase-linear band-pass-filters


To use the Gentle G192 as a bi-amping device, an active digital crossover is necessary and build in using the SHARC® ADSP21369 DSP. Those crossover are working with phase-linear band-pass-filters, never be achieved by any passive analog filtering. They are user defined, similar to the APD192 module of the APU768 pre-amplifier.


Digitale room correction through ADSP-21369 DSP


Of cause, by the presence of the SHARC® ADSP21369 DSP the digital room correction is performed, the same very high quality as it comes with the APD192 module of the APU768 pre-amplifier. Also for sure it runs with the Ascendo RoomTools.


Modular concept for various stages of completion


It would not be a behold device if there wouldn’t be “modularity”.


So there is from the hardware point of view a basic configuration which comes with every Gentle G192 unit. Two switched power amplifiers (DPA) can be added as well as 6 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs (ACB) and 2 electrical (Cinch) S/PDIF inputs together with the FireWire (IEEE 1394) capability. The room correction is as a software option available. Which option is to be assembled is defined by the user.


Rugged housing from anodized aluminium


The rugged anodized aluminium housing is made from a 2.5mm material building the chassis and top cover, two cooling blocks are made by extruded aluminium giving very stabile lateral faces and of cause the front panel consists of massive milled aluminium as always with behold components.


“3” spikes instead of “4” regular feet


For people used to have spikes on their devices the “four” feet can be unscrewed and replaced by “three” spikes. Both are mounted by M6 screws of the used this spike. So the change is very easy.