Halcyonics introduces the first member of a new family of active vibration isolation systems especially made for SPMs: Nano 20 - the world’s smallest commercially available active vibration isolation system!


Active, cost effective and small – the ideal solution for very compact Scanning Probe Microscopes such as the Agilent 5400, AIST-NT AFM, DME DualScope™ 45/95, Nanosurf EasyScan 2 + Mobile S, Nanotec Electronica Mini Cervantes FullMode AFM system, NT-MDT NanoEducator, Veeco Caliber and others.


The isolator measures only 204 x 204 x 69 mm (8 x 8 x 2.7 in.), offers 0-8 kg (0-17.6 lbs) and features active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom. The isolation effect begins at 0.6 Hz and reaches more than 99,0% isolation (- 40 dB) over 10 Hz.


Furthermore, Nano 20 is very comfortable to use: the isolator only weights 5,6 kg (12.3 lbs); the setup of the Nano 20 is exceptionally easy. It does not require any adjustment or tuning prior to use. Just set your AFM on it, attach the cables, pull the transport lock buttons, turn it on and that's it! This is definitely the fastest and easiest setup of an active isolation system you have ever seen!

Last but not least: the new Nano 20 sells at a price that you would not expect for an active system!