REFERENCE MM Single Ended Interconnect


REFERENCE MM continues the tradition of Transparent Reference and Reference XL interconnects, but brings the performance one step closer to the breathtaking realism of OPUS MM. The Reference MM cables share almost all of the magic of the OPUS interconnects, and use essentially identical circuit topology and layout, but because we use modules made from custom-machined acrylic instead of carbon fiber, we can pass significant savings on to you. (The carbon fiber material is the very best available because of its superior damping characteristics, but it is also very costly to produce.)

For ideal signal transfer, Single-Ended Reference MM is terminated with RCA connectors of our own design and Balanced Reference MM with the finest XLR connectors available, with gold plated contacts. As always, our cables are made one at a time, by hand, with painstaking care, and measured over and over for uniform performance as they are built. Reference MM Interconnect will bring years of reliability and emotional satisfaction to any professional or home installation.




REFERENCE MM Balanced Interconnect