High Performance PowerLink Power Cord


High Performance PowerLink fills a long-standing need in enthusiast home entertainment systems, where stock power cords are limiting the potential and performance of components.

High Performance PowerLink is loaded with quality features:

  • hefty, stranded 12 AWG copper wire
  • double shielding for noise rejection
  • molded plugs custom designed to ensure maximum current transfer
  • 2 meter length
  • streamlined visual design
High Performance PowerLink can make an amazing difference in the dynamic impact and musical performance of a home entertainment system. Given HPPL's modest retail price, a small investment can transform the personality and performance of a system when all of the stock cords are replaced with HPPL.

High Performance PowerLink comes standard in a 2-meter length, but other lengths are easily obtained via custom order. Although HPPL is rated for high current, it will still "play well with others" in the tight quarters behind most home entertainment systems.

Stock power cords have inadequate shielding and inadequate conductor size. They are produced at low cost and included at no charge when you buy your components, but they limit what your components are capable of doing. Many stock cords have roughly half the available conductor found in HPPL. Because the strands of standard cords are usually very small, they can't handle the instantaneous high current demands of today's high performance source and amplification components. Stock cords make music sound thin and lifeless; when you replace them with HPPL, you gain dynamic freedom and tonal richness.

As a Transparent owner, at any time in the future you can upgrade your High Performance PowerLink cord by trading it in for a higher-level Transparent power cord, preserving most of the value you have invested in your HPPL. Trade up to a PowerLink Plus or Super cord, or beyond to a Reference PowerLink, Powerlink XL or PowerLink MM. For more information on upgrades, visit the Upgrades page in the Resources section.