PowerIsolator Reference


The new PowerIsolator Reference (PIR) is a versatile ally in the fight against line noise and grunge in your system. The PIR incorporates most of the qualities we developed in our top power product, the PowerIsolator MM, while offering the versatility of four 15-amp hospital grade outlets. You can protect up to four components with one PIR unit, although performance increases to a higher level when fewer components are connected. The PIR has a detachable PowerLink Super power cord that plugs into a 15-amp IEC socket on the back of the unit.

It is easy to use PIR in a rack or on a component shelf. The chassis is 3 rack spaces high and comes with rack-mount "ears" and hardware for a secure installation.

As with most of our Power Products, you can further improve the performance of your PIR (and all the components downstream from it) simply by upgrading your power cord to a Reference PowerLink, PowerLink XL or PowerLink MM.

PIR makes maximum use of what Transparent has learned in its research about power line noise contamination. Transparent's Isolator MM noise filtration circuit carries out three vital tasks:

• first and foremost it removes noise
• it enables power to pass in-phase to your component
• it does not limit current.

In-phase power is critical to your system keeping its natural tonal balance, and unlimited current allows your system to breathe dynamically and give you the full impact of musical events -- qualities that are lost through most conditioners and filtration devices. The PowerLink Super cord offers additional protection via its RF-noise inhibiting network.

The PowerIsolator Reference features the security of surge protection without any of the performance drawbacks normally associated with surge protectors. Only Transparent gives you peace of mind without compromising in any way the music or picture that your system produces. After extensive research, Transparent developed an avalanche-diode design that gives the ultimate in protection; this is offered on all of our PowerBank and PowerIsolator products.

For the highest level of performance in your system, we recommend using a PowerIsolator Reference to protect two components, to isolate components from each other and from other noise sources on your AC line. The PIR may be used to protect up to four components. Additional performance gains will come if you upgrade your compoents' power cords to Transparent PowerLink cords.

The PowerIsolator Reference chassis creates a complete shield around the AC signal path and the PowerIsolator network inside provides wide band noise isolation in a totally transparent manner. The PowerLink Super power cord is 2 meters long and is fitted with an RF-noise inhibiting network.

Please note: We have developed this new technology to provide the cleanest and most stable power possible from wall outlets in residential and commercial structures. To get the full performance potential from PowerIsolator Reference, have your electrician install hospital-grade receptacles in your wall outlet boxes, and if possible, a dedicated AC line.