PowerLink MM Power Cord


The PowerLink MM is a 2 meter, 10 AWG, high current capability, grounded power cord which is precision constructed of heavy, solid core OFHC conductors for greater power handling. Teflon insulation and three shields help reduce noise. The carefully-designed network circuit rejects RF noise. The cord is UL and CE approved for high voltage, high heat applications; it is available with 15- or 20-amp IEC connectors. The PowerLink MM allows high current, high powered amplifiers to achieve all the dynamic ease, punch, clarity, and neutrality of which they are capable. Its sturdy construction, termination integrity, and noise blocking technology make it a safe and musically satisfying alternative to standard and audiophile grade power cords. The PowerLink MM power cord has a network module, like those on Transparent analog interconnects and speaker cables, to reduce high frequency noise. This network is a far more effective noise reducer and sounds far more neutral than the "cable alone" approach of audiophile power cords. Many audiophile cords have resonances that actually increase the impact of noise in the frequency areas affected by these resonances. The effect may be euphonic, but these euphonic distortions prevent you from hearing your favorite music as it was recorded. Transparent PowerLink MM cords are truly transparent.