Reference MM Speaker Cable consists of many heavy strands of individually insulated oxygen-free copper. Reference MM displays ideal low noise, low resonance and low distortion properties in audio signal applications. Reference MM achieves these qualities because of the strengths of MM Technology, which represents a complete redesign of over 300 audio cables in our line: new strand size, new tighter-spec components, improvements to layout, more effective damping, and new network housings.

Transparent's flagship OPUS MM cables were the first to introduce the new streamline shape in an incredibly stiff, lightweight, and costly carbon fiber shell. Using the OPUS MM shape as a model, Transparent focused on using more cost effective nonmetallic materials in the rest of the MM line-up that could be molded or machined to achieve this new shape. The finest example of this is Reference MM, which shares electrical characteristics with OPUS MM and uses the same damped suspension and adjustable feet to decouple the network from room borne resonance.